We shouldn’t have to spell it out for them.

Stephen McNeil and the Liberals are the only ones left in Nova Scotia who don’t see there’s a crisis in health care.

And while they’re in denial, we’re all at risk:

  • ER closures
  • 100,000 people without a family doctor
  • a shortage of long term care beds for seniors
  • lack of mental health services and long waits for help
  • hospitals like the VG that are literally falling apart

The crisis didn’t come from nowhere – health care workers have been sounding the alarm for years. Despite their calls for help and proposals for solutions, the McNeil government has ignored the warnings of frontline workers. The result? Every day brings news of another Nova Scotian who has been hurt by a health care system that’s in chaos.

It’s time Premier McNeil and the NS Liberals face up to the crisis – so we can work together to find a solution.

If they can’t see it – we’ll spell it out for them

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Despite hallway medicine and ER closures, NS Liberals won’t admit there’s a health care crisis.
Patients are facing year-long waits for mental health services, but NS Liberals won’t admit there’s a health care crisis.
NS Liberals’ denial of the crisis in health care is putting everyone at risk.
Despite seniors waiting months for longterm care beds, NS Liberals won’t admit there’s a health care crisis.

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